Proudly 100% USA owned & operated. The company’s founders, Sallie and Lorenzo, together bring 60 plus years of education and professional experience in the food and pharma industry. Both Sallie and Lorenzo share a mutual passion to deliver natural products that are truly effective, noninvasive and affordable. After extensively researching the available raw materials in the market, they identified a series of specific collagen peptides that were optimized for specific physiological benefits. With the right support, the human body can heal itself from within.

What is Lova Naturals®

Lova Naturals® is a fast growing brand within the Health and Wellness Market. Our first product Lova Naturals® Beauty Repair contains specific collagen peptides at a certain dose that we identified to be most effective for you. Our product is 100% Natural, Free of Additives and has been Clinically Proven. Consuming our specific collagen peptides daily has shown in clinical trials to diminish wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, promote healthy fingernails and reduce cellulite.